There is a rhythm and a flow to every ceremony and having it    worry-free with all the details is important, but its significant to remember that you are not alone in helping design it.  I can help. By now you've probably done some research on them and even though there is some structure and flow the style is your own.  Whether it's formal, casual, romantic, traditional, contemporary or a blend of these and others, it will be memorable for you.  Even with special circumstances your story is being weaved in a way that incorporates these special circumstances.


I will assist you in choices of vows, readings, poems etc.   It may feel overwhelming but remember I will help you ease right into these choices that will feel right for you.  VIRTUAL CEREMONIES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE!!


Flexible and accommodating

We all have a vision of what weddings should be, and being accommodating to your desires for your idea of a wedding is important.  For example, do you prefer I wear a suit, a robe, or less formal attire? As mentioned what is the style and atmosphere that you prefer?  With these and other questions we can work together to fit your desire.